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A place dedicated to entrepreneurs Private offices for companies and individuals with the possibility of allocating a large space for companies with complete privacy for them and private access to a completely isolated section, as well as the possibility of subscribing by the hour or month as needed.


Lounge Various Sessions

Shared Offices

Independent Offices

Individual offices overlooking


Outdoor Seating

Training Hall

Meeting & Training Rooms

Single Hall

Only for 17 SAR per hour

Includes the following

Meeting Room

Only for 49 SAR per hour

Includes the following

Training Hall

Only for 109 SAR per hour

Includes the following

Daily Packages

Morning shift

From 8am-12pm

Price :39 SAR

Includes the following


From 12pm-6pm

Price :39 SAR

Includes the following

Evening shift

From 6pm-12pm

Price :39 SAR

Includes the following

Monthly Packages

Quiet Room

1690 SAR

Subscription Features

Shared Office

990 SAR

Subscription Features

Private Office

3900 SAR

Subscription Features

Features of our site

Abundant parking

Location close to the north and east

Opposite Imam University

Near metro station

On Othman bin Affan road and close to the specialized road


Cold Coffee
Hot Coffee
Cold Drinks

What did they say about us?

One of the best options if I have a job or study to provide them with all office services (printing - Internet - coffee - snack)

The perfect place to work or study. There are many options for sitting places, including very quiet and open ones. Everything is available in terms of pens and papers. Entry includes coffee, water and some snacks and others are available at an additional fee and this point counts for them. The place is tidy and clean and very interested in these two points, the nice thing is that as soon as anyone comes out they clean directly. The toilets are clean and their number is appropriate. The staff are nice. On the first visit, they show you the place and explain everything to you.

The place is beautiful, classy, luxurious and very quiet The furniture is an excellent work space and suitable for those who need to work in a quiet environment The decoration is beautiful and hard work on it Quality I advise everyone who needs to work in a quiet environment Visit this place and try working in it and sure Tama And the chairs and tables are very excellent and very comfortable that he will be his first destination if he wants to work in it

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